Professional Tailoring in Scarborough, UK

Professional Tailoringin Scarborough, UK

With over 15 years of experince tailoring. Your clothes are in good hands. See our tailoring services below.

Skirts & Dresses

Alterations and repairs on all different types of skirts/dresses

  • Short Hem Unlined£10
  • Short Hem Lined£13
  • Short Hem Vent £13
  • Short Hem Pleated£13
  • Waist Altered£13
  • Waist & Hip Both Sided£15
  • Take inside Seams£13
  • Take inside Seams Lined£15
  • Dress take in Both Sides£15
  • Dress take in with Zips£18
  • Lengthen False Hem£13
  • Lift Straps Unlined£10
  • Lift Straps LIned£12


Alterations and repairs on all different types of trousers

  • Shortened Plain£7
  • Shortened with Turn ups£8
  • Shortened Vents£8
  • Lengthened False Herms£8
  • Lengthened£8
  • Full Leg Taper£10
  • Waist Take in£10
  • Half Pockets£7
  • Waist Take in Both Sides£10

Jackets & Coats

Adjustments, repairs and refresh on jackets and coats

  • Sleeves Shortened Unlined£13
  • Sleeves Shortened Lined£17
  • Sleeves Shortened Vent£22
  • Sleeves Lengthened Hem£22
  • Lift Shoulders£27
  • Take in side Seams£13
  • Coat shorten Hem Unlined£17
  • Coat shorten Hem Lined£22


Repairs and adjustments along with dying and refreshing leathers.

  • Jacket Shorten Sleeves£22
  • Coats Shorten Sleeves£25
  • Trousers Shorten£12
  • Skirt Shorten Hem£12
  • Leather Dress Shorten Hem£22
  • Motor Bike Jackets Shorten £30
  • Motor Bike Trousers Shorten£15


Repairs, replacements and amends for all types of zips

  • Jeans/Trousers Zip£8
  • Skirt Zip£8
  • Dress Zip£13
  • Dress Invisible Zip£13
  • Anorak Zip up to 25"£15
  • Anorak Zip Over 26"£15
  • Jacket Zip£20


Adjustments and repairs for shirts

  • Shirt Sleeves Plain£10
  • Shirt Sleeves Cuff£12
  • Shorten Hem£8
  • Take in Single Stitch£12


Repairs and adjustments for lined/unlined curtains

  • Shorten Unlined (Each)£10
  • Shorten Lined£12



  • Shorten hem£7
  • Take-in, single stitch£10
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We’re here to help

We can do alterations on any garment. You will be the best dressed person at your next event and your clothes will always fit you perfectly. Speak with us to find out more or bring your clothes into the shop.